• What Should I Fix in my Home Before I Sell It?
    Posted on 1 August 2022

    What Should I Fix in my Home Before I Sell It?

    Kitchen and Bathroom

    The kitchen and bathroom have the most mechanical and plumbing problems, so it is best to check that they are in working order before putting your home on the market.

    Leaking Taps & Blocked Drains

    Taps should be leak-free and water should flow freely through the drain without any blockages. This can be a quick fix depending on the issue at hand, otherwise it is advisable to hire a plumber to fix the root of the issue.

    An image of cliffs on a coastal front


    In both the kitchen and bathroom, the cabinets should be free from water damage and rot. Fix the hinges and drawer tracks if they are stopping cupboards or drawers from opening smoothly. These issues can usually be fixed with a screwdriver, but if your cupboards are severely damaged, then it may be worth replacing some or all of the units.


    It is important that fitted appliances are in working order if they are being sold with the property. It may be worth replacing an appliance if it doesn’t work correctly or it is unsafe.



    Whether you have tiled, laminate or carpeted flooring, it should be in good condition. It is worth deep-cleaning your floors, especially if you have pets and, depending on the type of flooring that you have, fix any issues before a prospective buyer notices it.

    Walls and Ceiling

    Giving your walls a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to uplift your property, and it can even help to increase the property value. Neutral paints are recommended when preparing your property for the housing market, these colours can make your space look bigger and help prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the property.

    Any scuffs or discolouration from water damage should be painted over, and small holes in the walls should be filled.

    An image of stamp duty percentage for house price range

    Heating System

    Some buyers request that there you can provide a gas safety certificate and a certificate to say that your boiler has been serviced. Having these certificates on hand when selling your home will put buyers minds at ease and know that the property that they are buying is in good condition.


    Garage Door

    Whether you have an electric or a manual garage door, fix any issues that you have before putting your home on the market. An electric garage door can be a fantastic asset to your home, so don’t let it appear as a negative to prospective buyers by leaving issues that they will have to fix.

    Exterior Doors

    Take a look at your exterior door and check that they have sufficient weather seals in place and the door handles are in good condition. Sliding doors should be properly aligned on the tracks and the glass should be code compliant.

    If your door is badly damaged or has dents, it is worth considering replacing the door completely.


    The roof shouldn’t have any loose or missing roof tiles as it can lead to water damage in the home. It is important to check the roofing underlay to check that there is no damage that could also lead to a water leak.

    An image of someone repairing the roof


    The drainage system is designed to carry water away from the property, when a blockage occurs it can lead to a build-up of standing water that causes issues to the roof. Most of the time, blockages can be a quick fix because it’s due to a combination of moss, leaves and debris that can build up in guttering.


    Signs of an unstable foundation are cracks in interior or exterior walls, horizontal cracks in the foundation or sagging floors. If you have any concerns, it is important to seek a professional opinion from an expert in this area.

    Outside Space


    Whether you have a love for gardening, or you prefer to keep it low maintenance, it’s worth keeping on top of your outside space if you’re planning to put your home on the market. You can hire a professional if you don’t fancy tackling it yourself, but tidying your garden up will make a huge difference for someone viewing your home.

    For a lot of buyers, the garden is a main attraction when it comes to finding their next property so trim those bushes back and pull the lawnmower out of the garage, because it could help prospective buyers envision themselves enjoying the outside space.

    An image of someone cutting a hedge


    Broken or rotting fencing should ideally be replaced or fixed before putting the house on the market if you can afford to. It may be that the fence just needs a fresh lick of paint, but doing so can enhance the kerb appeal of your property.

    Ready to sell? Give us a call on 028 9065 3333 to speak to our friendly and experienced team, or get in touch here. Alternatively, why not take a look at some of the properties we have on the market right now?
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  • 11 Ways to Add Value to Your Home
    Posted on 20 July 2022

    11 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

    There are various ways to add value to your property, and some are more cost-effective than others. Depending on the condition of your home and the budget you have set aside, depends on which ways you can add value to your property without being out of pocket.

    There are projects that are quick and easy that will add instant value to your home, and there are larger projects that will take more time and planning before you can make it a reality. The following options are a great way to ensure that your property sells for the right price on the housing market.

    1. Upgrading your Garage Door

    An image of a driveway and garage door

    If your garage door is old or damaged, then it could be beneficial to replace it with a new one. The garage door can be one of the main focal points of the exterior of your home, so if it is broken or unsightly, this can affect the kerb appeal of your property. If your garage door doesn’t work properly, replacing it will be a benefit to prospective buyers and for yourself if you are not planning to sell immediately.

    2. The Addition of Granite Worktops to your Kitchen

    An image of a kitchen with granite worktops

    Adding granite or quality-stone worktops can make an impact on the value and desirability of your property. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home, and so spending extra on the details can make a huge difference.

    Granite and natural stone add to the luxury aesthetic and make your kitchen both feel and look more expensive. Providing effortless style and a timeless look to your kitchen, it is no surprise that granite has been in style for decades. With trends coming and going, this is one way of future proofing your kitchen long-term. In addition to this, granite is extremely durable and needs minimal maintenance.

    3. Make a Grand Entrance

    An image of a house entrance outside

    First impressions count, and it is the first thing that prospective buyers will see upon entering your home. It is human nature to make quick judgements, and if your front door is scuffed, falling off the hinges or unsightly then buyers will immediately start to look for other faults in your home.

    Investing in a new entranceway that is in keeping with the style of your home can boost the value and desirability of your home. There are so many ranges to choose from, whether it is a timeless timber door or an ultra-modern aluminium door.

    4. Light Fixtures

    An image of light fixings

    A well-lit room makes the space feel larger and more inviting, so if your light fixtures are outdated or dimly-lit, this can affect the feel of your home. Upgrading your light fittings is a cost-effective way of adding value to your home. It’s not just your light fixtures that you have to consider, harsh lighting from your lightbulbs can also cause an effect.

    If you do opt to change the lightbulbs in your home, LED lightbulbs are best in a warm or bright white. However, natural light in your home is always the best so make sure your curtains are drawn and you have opened up the blinds before your next appointment with a prospective buyer.

    5. Paint Your Home in Neutral Tones

    An image of neutral decorated room

    When putting your house on the market, it is worth giving your home a fresh lick of paint to brighten up your home. The colour you decide to paint your rooms can really affect the tone and feel of your home, so choose wisely. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to colours and decorating, and by going too bold, it could be off-putting to some buyers.

    By opting for a neutral palette for your home, you can elevate the style of your home and make it look more inviting. White, cream and pale grey tones can make your space appear larger, and it’s easier for buyers to picture your property being their new home.

    6. Remodel the Kitchen

    An image of a remodelled kitchen

    Now, this depends on the condition of your kitchen to begin with, as the cost of a new kitchen has to be factored into how much your home will increase by. If you are in desperate need of a new kitchen though, by presenting prospective buyers with a beautiful, up-to-date kitchen, it could dramatically increase the value and desirability of your home.

    If you are replacing your kitchen to make your home more sellable, be careful not to overspend. It can also be possible to update your kitchen on a budget by only replacing what is old and worn. Many kitchens can be updated on a budget by only replacing the floor, worktops and kitchen cupboards.

    7. Fit Hardwood Floors

    An image of hardwood floors

    Although this option won’t necessarily add value on its own, it can contribute to the overall look and feel of your home and attract prospective buyers. Hardwood flooring is a great investment as it is universally appealing to buyers and if chosen well, it can last a long time. Hardwood floors are low maintenance and easy to clean, so they are perfect for family homes.

    8. Convert the Loft Area into an Extra Bedroom

    An image of loft converted into a bedroom

    Depending on the location and size of your home, a loft conversion can offer some well needed space. The maximum value that a loft conversion can add to your home is determined by where your property is located, if larger homes are hard to come by, and if the loft conversion is a self-contained sleeping space that has an en-suite bathroom.

    The extra bedroom that the loft conversion provides can be a huge bonus to larger families, and in more recent years, the demand for home office space has increased so this can be a fantastic option for home buyers who aren’t necessarily looking for an extra bedroom.

    9. Add More Downstairs Space with a Conservatory

    An image of a conservatory from outside

    Adding a conservatory to your home can be a cost-effective option for increasing the floor space of your home and it can be a truly flexible space, used as either a dining room, additional living space or even a playroom.

    To increase the value to its maximum capacity, make sure you plan your conservatory well and keep to the style of your home. A conservatory that looks as though it is just added to the side of your home can be unsightly to some buyers, but if you blend it with your home it can look stylish and transform your living space.

    10. Fit a New Bathroom

    An image of new fitted bathroom

    This is another popular option for adding value to your home, but again, assess whether a full bathroom is necessary or whether it just needs an uplift. It also depends on the size of your bathroom and where the bathroom is located within the house. It is one of the main things that prospective buyers look out for, and the addition of an en-suite bathroom can drive prices even higher.

    11. Create an Open-Plan Living Area

    An image of an open plan kitchen and living room

    Open-plan living is extremely desirable and can make your space look bigger compared to separated rooms. It is a more communal way of living, and stops family members from being separated by different rooms. It is important to plan the space efficiently, depending on what you want from the space. For open-plan living to work, two or even three spaces have to work together harmoniously.

    For more advice and guidance on selling your home, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team at John Minnis, or call us on 028 9065 3333. Or, why not check out what houses we have for sale at the moment.
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  • 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home
    Posted on 8 July 2022

    10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

    You may have a good idea already on how you can boost the value of your home, perhaps you've added an extra bedroom over the recent years, or added in a downstairs bathroom.

    However, don't let your efforts be in vain and make one of the common mistakes many people make when placing their home on the market.

    1. Underpricing or Overpricing Your Home

    An image of a couple and estate agent looking around a house
    It is important to have your property valued at a correct market price depending on the type of property, condition and location.

    It may be tempting to put your house on the market with the Estate Agent that has valued your home the highest, but if the house is too overpriced then it can delay your home being sold for longer. In addition to this, pricing your home too low may be off-putting to prospective buyers as they may worry that it has underlying issues.

    2. Ignoring Minor Repairs

    An image of a leaking tap
    An issue that may seem small in the grand scheme of things, might be the reason your home has lower or fewer offers. When you are thinking about selling your home, make a note of all the repairs that need to be done. It may be a leaking tap or a broken floor tile that is the difference between getting the price for your home that you are hoping for.

    When prospective buyers are having their first or second viewing, they will be looking at your home closely and any remaining issues may result in buyers putting in lower offers.

    3. Bad Photography

    An image of a blurry dinning room photo

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is important to ensure that your home is photographed well.

    It may be tempting to save money with an Estate Agent and take the photographs yourself, but the images are often the first thing that a prospective buyer will see so it is crucial to make a good first impression.

    The photographs should really highlight your home, and show it from the best angles. When choosing an Estate Agent, have a look through their current listings and ask yourself whether you would be happy if those listings were your own property.

    4. Hiding Issues with the Property

    An image of bad repair to outside tap

    Although it may be tempting to keep property issues hidden from prospective buyers, this could cause problems later down the sales process.

    When the house survey is conducted, it may bring to light some issues with the property that no one was aware of, unfortunately, this can sometimes be the case.

    However, if you are already aware of a problem with your property, it is always best to deal with it from the beginning. This could be fixing the issue before listing your property, or being truthful with prospective buyers so they understand what work would need to be done.

    This will help to avoid buyers pulling out from the sale, delays or re-negotiating the property sale price.

    5. Not Securing the Finance for a New Property

    An image of someone shaking hands

    You may have seen a property that you love and need to act on quickly, or perhaps you have seen similar properties to your own being sold and decide to list yours too, but it is important that you have secured a line of finance for your next property.

    You may decide to look for a new mortgage, or decide to port your existing mortgage to a new property but it is always best to speak to your lender and a mortgage broker first. Sometimes lenders change their affordability criteria and a new mortgage may not be available through that lender, or if you have changed from being in permanent employment to self-employed.

    6. Not Highlighting Key Features

    An image of someone looking at property information

    Your property will have a ton of great features, so ensure that these are emphasised. If you have a garage, downstairs WC, large garden or perhaps an en-suite, highlight these features in the sales brochure.

    It is always worth showing off the potential that the property might have too, if there is scope for an extension or the space to build another property, this could make your property even more attractive to buyers.

    7. Forgetting to Sell More than Just Your Home

    An image of the local village

    When showing house buyers around your property, remember that people are buying into more than just the bricks and mortar. If the house is a popular school catchment area, or there is a good restaurant nearby, talk about it to the people who are viewing the property.

    When buyers are searching for a property, they are looking for a place where they can make home. If they are a young family, excellent schools will be high on the agenda so show off the area that you live in and highlight all the benefits of where your home is located.

    8. Leaving Clutter Around

    An image of a couple in a untidy living space

    Try to make your home look its best for prospective buyers as much as you can, by ensuring that your home is clean and tidy, and free from clutter. Let fresh air circulate the property, especially if there are pets that live in your home. By doing this, you are creating a blank canvas for buyers and they can get a better impression of how they could create a home in the property.

    9. Selecting the Highest Bidder

    An image of a property auction

    This might sound counterintuitive, but sometimes the highest bidder is not always the best buyer. If you receive multiple offers, it is worth taking into consideration the position that the buyers are in.

    You may receive a high bid, but the buyer still has a property on the market, so it is worth assessing how reliable the buyers are. Many times, chain-free, cash-buyers are the safest bet because they have the guaranteed finance in place and do not have to worry about having their mortgage approved.

    10. Choosing the Wrong Estate Agent

    An image of a couple shaking hands with an estate agent

    Choose an estate agent that you can trust, and look at their website to gather as much information as you can. It is important to find an established estate agent that knows the local area so they can give you the most realistic valuation and be able to attract the right buyers.

    Ask your potential estate agents questions such as, how will my property be advertised? Who will conduct viewings on the property? How much did houses in my area sell for? Do you have any prospective buyers looking to buy a property like mine?

    These questions will help you understand if the estate agent is right for you and how much knowledge and experience they have in selling homes in the area.

    For further advice and tips on selling your home, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team at John Minnis, or call us on 028 9065 3333.

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  • Does a Driveway Add Value To Your House?
    Posted on 28 June 2022

    Does a Driveway Add Value To Your House?

    A recent survey from Ideal Homes has found that a driveway is the 8th most important factor to house buyers when searching for their new home, and even 84% said it could be a deal-breaker. The demand for parking spaces can depend on location, with some parking spaces being in such high demand that they can be sold or rented separately from a property. Recently a parking space in London was up for sale with an eye-watering price tag of £350k, and even outside of London a parking space on the coast of Cornwall was on the market for a whopping £100k.

    There are plenty of benefits to adding a driveway to your property, firstly there is less maintenance than with a front garden, there’s one less lawn to cut and it is easier to keep a tidy appearance. Secondly, it will mean easier access to your property and you will not have to worry about where you park your car, and parking on your drive could even reduce the insurance premium! Lastly, a driveway could increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to future buyers.

    Will a driveway increase your home's value?

    According to Price Your Job, a house can increase in value anywhere from 2-10% with the addition of a driveway. The value that a driveway can add to your home will depend on the location, size and quality, and also how well it matches with your home and the surrounding neighbourhood.

    It is important to determine which factors will help increase your home's value so this may help to calculate how much value your home will increase by. Is there ample on-street parking available? If there is, it may not be a deciding factor for a house buyer, but if parking is an issue on your street then having a driveway could make your home far more desirable.

    Another factor to consider is the type of driveway you opt for, there are many options out there that range widely in cost and upkeep. If you are choosing to add a driveway to purely increase the value of your home, it is important to keep in mind the initial cost and desirability of the type of driveway you pick.

    The last thing to consider is how many cars can fit on the driveway, many households have multiple cars and, if you have the space, it may be beneficial to add a driveway with space for more than one car. Again, the cost of a larger driveway will be more but it could make your home far more desirable to prospective house buyers and be subject to a higher market price.

    Can a driveway devalue your home?

    Unfortunately, there are times, that even with the best efforts, a driveway can decrease the value of your home. For obvious reasons, house buyers will have to consider any extra costs that they incur when buying a new home, and this includes fixing any issues left by the previous owner. If a driveway has not been installed correctly and legally, then it can devalue your home when your house is placed on the property market.

    It is illegal to drive over a footpath without a dropped kerb, so if this is not in place, then it is an issue that could deter house buyers. If a driveway is in need of serious repairs, this can also be off-putting because it is unsightly and buyers may feel like they would have to undertake too much work or may negotiate the price lower. Another thing to consider is drainage, driveways are at risk of flooding if sufficient drainage is not in place which again, may be something that can affect the value of your property.

    An image of a house with footpath and garden

    How much can it increase the value of your home by?

    By adding a driveway to your property, you can add as much as 2-10% value to your property, but with careful consideration of the above factors, it is much more likely that it will increase by 5-10%. If you live in a busy location with offices, the coast or a busy high street, you can make extra money by renting out your driveway on sites such as Your Parking Space if you have no use for it. This is also something that can be highlighted to buyers, it can be a great way to supplement your income with another stream of finance.

    There are plenty of different options that vary in price depending on what type of driveway you decide to choose, and it can be a low-cost way to add value to your home. Opting for a gravel driveway is one of the cheapest options and it is also easy to change if the new buyers wish to install a different style of driveway later on, or would simply prefer a lawn instead.

    Which type of driveway should you opt for?

    There are a few different types of driveways depending on your budget and style but with the right design, a driveway can completely transform the look of your home.

    Resin Bound - A resin driveway can immediately modernise the outside of your home and there are a lot of different colour options to choose from. The resin is water permeable, so depending on your local council, you may not have to apply for planning permission which will make your driveway much more affordable. Resin is quite low maintenance, it is recommended that you give your driveway the occasional jet wash though! As fantastic as this style of driveway is, unfortunately, it is not suitable for all properties as it can only be applied to a flat surface.

    Gravel - A gravel driveway is a great option for a traditional look, and you can add a personal touch with paving borders and hand-picking a colour. It is also one of the more affordable ways to add a driveway to your home, so it’s a great option if you are on a budget. This style of driveway does require a little more maintenance though by keeping on top of weeds and occasionally topping up the gravel as it starts to thin.

    Tarmac - Another affordable option for a driveway, it is a great choice if you have a small front garden and a limited budget. Tarmac driveways are low maintenance and quick to install but, depending on the style you are looking for, they do not tend to have the same kerb appeal that other driveways offer.
    Block Paving - This is one of the most popular types of driveway due to the various options in style, colour and design that homeowners can choose from. Block-paved driveways are hard-wearing and will last for years to come, a bonus with this type of paving is that if one part of the driveway becomes damaged, only that part of it needs to be replaced. This style of driveway can be more expensive and time-consuming due to bricks being cut to fit and certain patterns can be more labour intensive than others.

    It is necessary to do your own research into which styles you like best and speak to a professional regarding which type would best suit your property.

    What to take into consideration

    Think about the kerb appeal that your driveway will provide, first-impressions count and a driveway can be more than a place to store your vehicles, it can drastically improve the look of your home. If your driveway is going to have a lot of vehicles on it and cars come and go throughout the day, you may want to consider something more practical than gravel and install paving that will be a lot more durable.

    The width of your driveway is another important thing to consider and how wide the dropped kerb will be. If your driveway is not easily accessible, this may be off-putting to potential buyers. There may be trees or shrubbery that you need to consider, talk to a professional about ways to avoid damage to existing roots, and also any cables or wiring.

    It is important to check with your local council about planning laws and whether you need to apply for planning permission. The council may also have a designated list of contractors that you are allowed to use for a dropped kerb, finding this information out early into the process could save you a lot of time and money. The style and type of driveway you choose can also affect drainage, to avoid pooling areas of water, speak to a professional about the best option for you and your home.

    Is it worth it?

    Ultimately, yes it is worth installing a driveway if you have the option to do so.
    There are several options to choose from and the cost is relatively low in comparison to what you can increase the value of your home by, in addition to the benefits you can enjoy from having your own driveway. It may not be the right option for every scenario, so it is worth looking into the factors and receiving quotes from local paving companies.
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    Posted on 10 June 2022


    John Minnis Estate Agents has opened its Fifth Branch in June 2022
    This is in addition to their four very successful offices located in Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee and Comber.
    Joining forces with Mortgage IQ, following a successful five year relationship, this is now a one stop shop for those looking to get onto the property ladder, invest, relocate, downsize or simply seek some financial advice.
    Following on from the announcement of Bangor being awarded City status as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, John Minnis is a welcome addition to Bangor Main street. The latest office of the award-winning estate agency enjoys a prime position at  84 Main Street, and is set to join the  resurgence of independent businesses in the city centre. “We are so excited to be opening our new branch in the heart of Bangor” said John Minnis, “we can’t wait to see what the future holds, especially now it has been named as Northern Ireland’s newest city”. “Bangor is a hugely desirable location with great  infrastructure and beautiful coastline, with its great schools, restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities, and NI's largest marina. We are thrilled to be a part of the community.”
    John Minnis is a multi-award winning estate agency with over 30 staff members and is currently recruiting  new team members from the local area. The estate agent specialises in residential sales and lettings, property management, new developments, land consultation and valuations. Earlier this year, John Minnis won two prestigious awards at the highly coveted Guild Property Professional Awards, a ceremony that was attended by over 400 of the UK’s top estate and letting agents. John Minnis is a member of The Guild Property of Professionals, giving JMEA clients and properties direct exposure to the English market. The network consists of 800 independent estate agents that show professional excellence and it assures clients that they will work with integrity and knowledge to achieve results.

    An image of John Minnis location in Bangor
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    Posted on 2 June 2022


    John Minnis Estate Agents Announces the Opening of its Fifth Branch

    Going from strength-to-strength, John Minnis Estate Agents announces their fifth branch to open in Bangor this June. 
    John Minnis will be opening its doors in their new Bangor location  on 8th June 2022, this is in addition to their four very successful offices located in Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee and Comber. 

    Joining forces with Mortgage IQ, following a successful five year relationship, this will become a one stop shop for those looking to get onto the property ladder, invest, relocate, downsize or simply seek some financial advice. 

    Following on from the announcement of Bangor being awarded City status as part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, John Minnis is a welcome addition to Bangor Main street. The latest office of the award-winning estate agency enjoys a prime position at  84 Main Street, and is set to join the  resurgence of independent businesses in the city centre. “We are so excited to be opening our new branch in the heart of Bangor” said John Minnis, “we can’t wait to see what the future holds, especially now it has been named as Northern Ireland’s newest city”. “Bangor is a hugely desirable location with great  infrastructure and beautiful coastline, with its great schools, restaurants, shopping and leisure facilities, and NI's largest marina. We are thrilled to be a part of the community.”

    John Minnis is a multi-award winning estate agency with over 30 staff members and is currently recruiting  new team members from the local area. The estate agent specialises in residential sales and lettings, property management, new developments, land consultation and valuations. Earlier this year, John Minnis won two prestigious awards at the highly coveted Guild Property Professional Awards, a ceremony that was attended by over 400 of the UK’s top estate and letting agents. John Minnis is a member of The Guild Property of Professionals, giving JMEA clients and properties direct exposure to the English market. The network consists of 800 independent estate agents that show professional excellence and it assures clients that they will work with integrity and knowledge to achieve results.

    Contact the office on 028 9131 3833

    Credit: Megan Hayward, Brand Ambition
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  • John Minnis Wins Gold & Silver Awards!
    Posted on 22 March 2022

    John Minnis Wins Gold & Silver Awards!

    John Minnis Estate Agents has scooped two national awards at the highly coveted Guild Property Professionals Awards in London.
    The multi-award winning, 18-year-old agency with over 30 members staff, picked up the Gold award for Sales in Northern Ireland category as well as Silver in Lettings.
    Former Sky Sports News Anchor, Kirsty Gallacher, hosted the awards ceremony attended by 400 of the UK’s top estate and letting agents in the UK property industry in the QEII Centre in Westminster, London.
    The Guild is a Trading Standards approved network of 800 of the best independent estate agents from across the UK and provides John Minnis Estate Agents an exclusive link to the English market. The Guild is a sign of professional excellence that agents can use to differentiate themselves from their competitors and assure clients that they will act with knowledge and integrity to achieve results.
    Speaking at the awards John Minnis said: “We are absolutely over the moon to be recognised amongst our most esteemed industry peers from across the UK, including England, Scotland and Wales, and to come home with two awards is truly amazing and a credit to the whole team.
    “The past two years has provided an extremely active market but the team has navigated this period extremely well and I would like to thank them for their hard work, loyalty and dedication. Without which awards like these would not be possible.”
    Iain McKenzie, CEO of The Guild of Property Professionals, said: “It was great to be back together again and reflect on the past twelve months, looking at what has happened within the sector during 2021 and what we expect to happen moving forward into 2022. 
    “The Guild Awards are a way for us to acknowledge agents who have gone above and beyond for their clients and the industry in 2021. Congratulations to all agents and offices that received awards this year, and all the best for 2022.”
    “Many have excelled and provided exceptional customer service while guiding buyers and sellers through their home moving journey.

    An image of John Minnis award for sales       An image of John Minnis award for lettings
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    Posted on 31 January 2022


    Development Information
    Byron Halt will boast a luxurious collection of 2 bedroom apartments in Holywood, just a minutes walk from the coast - with each apartment finished to the same high-quality standard throughout.
    Contact the office on 028 9042 8888 or email property@johnminnis.co.uk
    An image of a new housing development
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  • ESTAS Award Winning Agency Network
    Posted on 7 December 2021

    ESTAS Award Winning Agency Network

    Together we have won Best Agency Network 2021!
    JMEA are proud members of the Guild Property Professionals who have been awarded Gold in this years ESTAS. 
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  • John Minnis Estate Agents (COVID 19) Policy
    Posted on 8 January 2021

    John Minnis Estate Agents (COVID 19) Policy

    The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2021 came into operation at midnight on 7 January 2021, these regulations provide the legal authority for home moves and related activities such as valuations and viewings to continue during this period of lockdown. 

    Following an increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, additional restrictions have been introduced for people in Northern Ireland. These new restrictions are in place to help reduce the spread of coronavirus and to help manage the pressures on our health and social care system. As a consequence of the emerging risks associated with the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID 19 Virus we would like to reassure you of our procedures to mitigate any potential disruption or risk for you or members of our staff. As a health precaution, we would request that prior to any viewing / appointment you confirm whether anyone at the property has returned from any country within the last 14 days which has been highlighted by the Public Health Agency as being at risk of infection. If any members of your family / household are currently showing symptoms or undergoing self-isolation, please make us aware of this.


    Our offices doors are locked. If you have made an appointment you must wear a mask, obey marks on the floor to ensure you keep to the two-metre rule. Installation of screens are to allow for customer interaction while maintaining protection for all parties. An ample supply of hand-gel; antibacterial wipes and sprays; soap; tissues have been purchased and will be readily available for staff, visitors, and customers to use. The offices will have a strict cleaning routine throughout the day  – to include: desks, chair arms, keyboards, mice, screens, staplers, pens, photocopier controls, drawer handles, phones, mobile phones, key cabinets, filing cabinets, door handles and card machines if you take card payments.  


    Where we do conduct a valuation, we will avoid any handshaking or physical contact, keep to the two-metre distance, wear a face mask and use hand sanitiser. Show all marketing via digital resources rather than leaving any ‘paper’ documents and follow up with an email, unless a brochure is requested. We will keep face to face contact to a minimum, decline any coffees/refreshments etc. We will explain to the customer the actions we are taking to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus. When we return to the office, we will wash our hands with soap and water before we do anything else. We will never attend a valuation appointment if feeling unwell. We also have the virtual valuation tool on our website which enables the valuation to be completed in accordance with the seller’s instructions, either virtually or face to face.


    We will carry out the health-check on all viewers as previously stated. We will ask who will be attending the viewing and limit the number of people to no more than two at any one time. If the property is occupied, we will check on the health of the seller before arranging the
    appointment. Where a physical viewing does takes place, we will avoid any handshaking or physical contact and remember to keep your two-metre distance, use hand sanitiser, use face masks and avoid any ‘paper’ documents (unless requested). We will have a supply of hand-gel in our car and ‘wipes’ – when returning to the car, wash our hands, wipe any equipment we have used on the visit and avoid touching our face during any appointment. If the property is vacant and we are using a key we will wipe the key when it is taken from the key cabinet, wipe it after the viewing and again before it is placed back in the key cabinet. We will never travel in the same car as anyone else and will always meet viewers at the property.


    Tenants are to return keys to their local office on the day the tenancy ends, these keys should be cleaned with antiseptic wipes and tagged. A member of staff will attend the property and complete the check-out inspection on their own – staff will use hand sanitiser and wear face
    masks to the appointment. We will have a supply of hand-gel in our car and ‘wipes’ – when returning to the car, wash our hands, wipe any equipment we have used on the visit and avoid touching our face during any appointment.  If the property is vacant and we are using a key we will wipe the key when it is taken from the key cabinet, wipe it after the viewing and again before it is placed back in the key cabinet.  


    Physical inspections are still possible, however if the tenant is vunerable or isolating we will request an inspection with tenants through a video call or request tenants to send photos of each room of the property so we may report back to the landlord. We thank-you for your co-operation in this matter and can assure you that all steps are currently being implemented by our organisation to protect your safety and also that of our staff members. 

    If anyone has any specific concerns or queries, please feel free to contact the office 028 9042 8888.
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