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Spotlight On... The Best Cafes in South Belfast
Ormeau Road starts with a collection of roads in the City Centre and cuts southwards across the Lagon and through the residential suburb of Ormeau itself.

With many commuters, pedestrians and vehicles using this as a route to the City Centre, as well as a diverse range of properties in the surrounding areas, this has resulted in the fantastic range of cafes in their area.

In this article, we will pick out a few of our favourites and shine a spotlight on the local businesses that are the beating heart of our local communities. One thing is certain, for coffee lovers Ormeau Road's cafe scene is definitely worth exploring.

General Merchants

Nestled at 361 Ormeau Road, General Merchants is a beloved neighbourhood cafe, renowned for its exceptional coffee and Antipodean-inspired brunches. The cafe exudes a warm, inviting atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for both leisurely mornings and bustling afternoons.

The commitment to quality is evident in every cup of coffee and meticulously prepared dish, offering a taste of the Southern Hemisphere in Belfast.

First Avenue Coffee

First Avenue Coffee stands out with the promise of serving the finest and freshest coffee in Belfast. A hub for coffee aficionados, this cafe prides itself on its vibrant atmosphere and exceptional food offerings and creating a welcoming space for all who step through its doors.

Located on Ormeau Road and Stranmillis, it's a perfect stop for a morning pick-me-up or a leisurely afternoon break.

Kaffe O

Inspired by the coffee culture of Copenhagen, Kaffe O brings a slice of Nordic charm to Belfast. This cafe is more than just a coffee shop; it's a cultural experience, offering double shots of hand-roasted coffee and an array of Nordic-inspired fare like Brøds, soups, and salads.

The minimalistic decor and focus on quality espresso make it a haven for coffee lovers and those seeking a taste of Scandinavia.

Shed Belfast Bistro

Since its opening in 2012 at Ormeau Road, Shed Belfast Bistro has been a culinary landmark, known for its unique dining experience. Run by Jonny and Christina Taylor since 2018, features an open kitchen concept, allowing diners to engage with the cooking process.

Offering award-winning cuisine and the thrill of watching your meal being prepared to make Shed an unforgettable dining experience.

387 Ormeau Road

This vegan cafe and shop provides a health-conscious and ethical dining option on Ormeau Road. Embracing vegetarian and vegan diets, the cafe serves a variety of meals suitable for breakfast, lunch, and brunch.

It's not just a place to eat but a community hub that promotes sustainable and compassionate eating choices, all within a cosy and inviting environment.


Canteen, at 322 Ormeau Road, is a culinary delight, offering a range of mouth-watering breakfast and brunch dishes. Known for its scrumptious poached eggs, pork, sausages, and brioches, the cafe also boasts an impressive latte selection.

The welcoming staff and great service enhance the dining experience, making Canteen a must-visit for those seeking a hearty and satisfying meal in Belfast.

LWR Ormeau Cafe & Guest House

This establishment, located at 144-146 Ormeau Road, doubles as a cafe and guest house. It's known for its traditional approach to food, offering a variety of fresh, hand-selected ingredients that come together in its delicious breakfast, brunch, and lunch offerings.

The cafe provides a warm, friendly setting that complements its tasty and nourishing meals, making it an ideal spot for both locals and travellers.
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