Selling Guide

A Guide for Sellers

Pricing isn’t guesswork! The key to pricing is market analysis of recently sold properties similar in size and style to your own property and it’s something we take very seriously. We have a range of in-house tools that give us a vast database of previously sold properties in the area and of course our experienced team of valuers who have over 100 years experience between them. They have a great sense of pricing guidance because they know what’s selling.

Tips for getting your property to go on the market

Exterior Tidy
Before putting your property on the market we would advise freshening up your house, so that it is prepared for photographs to be taken and to avoid last-minute panics, at what can already be a stressful time.

Freshen up the walls, if any rooms are dark or unusual colours, we recommend to paint them in light, neutral shades.


Attend to repairs such as broken drawer handles, cupboard doors hanging off their hinges, and missing bathroom or kitchen tiles. Replace any burnt out light bulbs. Remember that soft up-lighting is more flattering than a harsh ceiling light. Check the plumbing, windows, curtains, and blinds. They should be clean, unbroken, secure, and operate properly.

Tips for Preparing your property for viewings

When a viewing has been arranged, it is useful to consider the following points as first impressions really do count.
  • Your home should be clean and uncluttered
  • Your furniture should be arranged to use the space to best effect
  • Lights should be turned on, even during the day, to give a bright impression
  • Open all Curtains or blinds
  • Consider putting out fresh flowers
  • Ensure all beds are made
  • If the weather is suitable open doors and windows
  • Replace dead light bulbs
  • Fix door handles, windows, latches and creaking doors and floors
  • Ensure grass is cut
  • End the tour in the best room so everyone leaves with a good impression
  • After showing potential buyers around your home allow them time by themselves to chat privately
  • If your agent is going to carry out viewings Make sure they are aware of all the best features
  • Be accommodating when arranging viewing times

Advice on Choosing a Buyer

Types of buyers:
First time buyers
  • Typically rely on finance e.g Mortgage, Co-ownership
  • Typically have a smaller budget
  • No chain and are flexible with completion dates

Buyers with a house to sell
  • Typically are subject to the sale of their property
  • They can be cash of the proceeds of their house sale or they might require additional finance e.g. mortgage
  • If they have their property agreed we would advise to check what position their buyer is in.

Cash Buyers
  • Good position as funds are readily available
  • Can be flexible on completion dates
  • Some proceed without having a survey carried out on the property

Conveyancing Process

Conveyancing procedures involve the preparation of a contract by the seller’s solicitor and the examination of the contract and the title documents by the buyer’s solicitor prior to signing. The seller is obligated to disclose all his knowledge about the property but the buyer carries responsibility for buying the property in its current physical condition. Once a property is agreed the conveyancing process generally takes between 8 – 12 weeks depending on the situation of the buyer.

Before you move

  • If necessary arrange a removal service. We work alongside McGimpseys Removals and if you want to get a quote they would be more than happy to help.
  • Discuss fixtures and fittings with your solicitor
  • Notify your utility companies
  • Arrange to have your mail redirected.
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